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SMS Notifications

Instant notification to your customers, in person, securely and at the right time!

Mobile Coupons

A new generation of digital vouchers, allowing you to be close to your customers!

Mobile Collect

Learn more about your customers, preferences or data that is important to you!

Buy packages for 2 different services and get a 5% discount.

Buy from the 3 types of packages: SMS, Mobile Collect and Mobile coupons and get a 10% discount.


DELIVERY of the message to the user's phone

LINK Collect

Collect valuable data and gain insight.

A quick and easy way to collect customer data, helping you generate and qualify more leads and target your communication.

With LINK Collect you can easily generate leads and collect specific and personal data. This includes permissions, preferences, invites for events and different types of surveys. You can also boost the number of sign-ups and responses with rewards, tip-a-friend functionality and other integrated features. You can use this service to design effective and user-friendly forms that support your business goals.

LINK Coupon

Reward loyal customers!

Effectively attract more shoppers, save cost and increase revenue and return with mobile coupons.

With LINK Coupon you can reward your loyal customers instantly and drive more traffic to your store. No need for technical skills or integration. Just create, send and track your coupon with our user-friendly coupon builder.

SMS Notifications

  • 93% of messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt;
  • 99% of customers receive messages within a minute of sending;
  • Extremely low cost compared to other communication channels.

Want to reach your customers quickly and securely without bothering them with a call? Want to manage messaging, have grouping and different filters and options when creating a campaign? You want your customers to be informed , make a personalized Offer to them to increase:

  • Product or brand promotion;
  • Collectability of receivables;
  • Campaign revenue.

With us you can use all the possibilities of mobile marketing to grow your business and Ensure your customers' loyalty by informing them in a timely manner about:

  • New products and / or services
  • Time limits for an appointment or an upcoming event
  • Upcoming or current payments
  • Special promotions or events and more

Take advantage of instant notification by sending group SMS to your customers and Deliver your message to them personally, securely and at the right time!

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We will be happy to help your business keep up with technological innovations to grow And be competitive!

* Prices are without VAT

Purchase period - by the end of November - 30/11/2020.

Validity of the package - by the end of January 31/01/2021.